Become an associate member of the ALDE Party

I want to be involved in political life of Europe, promoting liberal principles and values and most of all: individual freedoms and responsibility, private property and equal rights.

Stefan Botnar

I prefer the regret of doing something to the regret of not doing it.

Miguel Duarte

I am from the Spanish liberal tradition of the Cortes de Cadiz 1812 and the II Spanish Republic. I participate in the European liberal ideas, while we form a nationwide Spanish liberal party.

Jose Manuel Aguilar de Ben

Do you want to become associated to ALDE Party? From now on it is possible! Associate Membership for individuals is a sign of support to the European liberal values of freedom and individual responsibility, democracy and the rule of law, respect for human rights and tolerance. For ALDE Party, it is a new way to engage interested European citizens in the role and activities of our Party.

"The launch of Associate Membership for individuals is another step in the continuing development of the European Liberal Democrats from a network of liberal parties into a fully fledged European political party," said former Party Secretary General Federica Sabbati in 2011. She continued: "Once there will be truly pan-European election campaigns and European candidates in the elections for the European Parliament, we will be ready to involve its associate members in our election campaign activities."

Until the end of this year we offer membership for the reduced rate of only 10 € or 5€ if you are not yet 30 years old (The regular membership fee is 20 € per year or 10 € if you are not yet 30 years old) which will give you:

  1. An Associate membership card,
  2. Home delivery of the quarterly ALDE Party Bulletin
  3. The ALDE Party electronic newsletter.
  4. Personalised invitations for selected events.

Furthermore, associate members will be able to participate and be a candidate in online elections that will select the delegate(s) representing associate members at the yearly ALDE Party Congress.

Support the European liberal values and become an associate member of the ALDE Party!

Application for associate membership for individuals

Terms of membership:

  • I would like to become an associate member of the ALDE Party.
  • I declare that I am not a member of any national political party that herself belongs to any other European political party other than the ALDE Party.
  • I declare to adhere to the statutes of the ALDE Party as well as to the fundamental values as expressed in the founding document of the Party, the “Stuttgart Declaration”, and the values on which the European Union is founded.
  • After approval of my application, I confirm that I will pay the membership fee.

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