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Liberal Agriculture Ministers meet for 5th time ahead of AGRIFISH


Co-hosted by Minister Fernand Etgen, Liberal Agriculture Ministers and representatives gathered in Luxembourg on 10 October for a Pre-Council Ministerial Meeting ahead of the AGRIFISH Council Meeting.

ANO make triumphant breakthrough in Czech regional elections


ANO 2011, ALDE Party member party in the Czech Republic led by Czech Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, emerged the big victors from the country’s regional elections and first round of Senate elections held on 8-9 October.

Bart Somers elected as new ALDE-CoR President


Elected on Tuesday 11 October by the ALDE Group in the Committee of the Regions, Bart Somers from ALDE Party member Open Vld and Mayor of Mechelen, will serve as ALDE-CoR's President until 2020.

Liberal leaders meet ahead of Pre-Summit to discuss EU Trade and Brexit


Liberal Prime Ministers and European Commissioners met in Brussels on Thursday 20 October ahead of the European Council Summit. Crucial topics were discussed such as Brexit, CETA and the refugee crisis.

Liberals set to have a strong voice in Lithuanian Parliament


On Sunday 23 October Lithuanian citizens voted in a second round of parliamentary elections. ALDE Party member Liberalai successfully increased their number of MPs, from 8 seats in the first round to 14 seats in total after the second round.

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