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Political and information activities


Individual Member Conference: Europe and challenges of migration flows

The event will provide updated figures of the current migration flows towards Europe. It will help facing this major issue according to a liberal-democratic perspective and will provide media with the ALDE Party's point of view. It will also offer recommendations to relevant decision makers. 

Amongst others, the former Italian Minister of Foreign Affair and European Commissioner, Emma Bonino, and the current Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Senator Benedetto della Vedova, will speak at the event.

Seminar: How to communicate Europe

With the participation of:

Mireia Canals, Diputada del Parlament de Catalunya i Presidenta de la Sectorial de Política Europea i Internacional de CDC Ramon Tremosa, Eurodiputat de CiU

Toni Aira, Periodista, co-director i professor del Màster en Comunicació Política i Institucional de l’idEC-UPF

Guillem Carol, Politòleg, director de l’agència de comunicació Giny

Lluís Tolosa, Sociòleg, especialitzat en sociologia de la comunicació

Dimension Europe

The Croatian deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hrvoje Marusic, who's HNS Party is a member of the ALDE, will be speaking at an ALDE sponsored event in Filderstadt, Germany on November 3 titled "Dimension Europe".


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