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Nowoczesna launch programme 'A New Poland for Everyone'


Last weekend Nowoczesna gathered in Warsaw to present their new political programme under the title "A Modern Poland for Everyone." Nowoczesna leader Ryszard Petru highlighted that his party stands for a strong Poland in the heart of a strong Europe.

Guy Verhofstadt calls for reinventing Europe in SOTEU speech


During today's debate State of the Union, the leader of the ALDE Group in the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt defended: "Let's stop the politics of division and seize this opportunity. Not to kill Europe, but to reinvent it."

Parliamentary elections in Russia: another Putin show


On Sunday 18 September Russian citizens went to the polls to elect a new State Duma. Commenting on the results of the elections in Russia, ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP said: “The Duma elections were yet another Putin show."

Time for the next Berlin: FDP back in Parliament


FDP scored successfully in last Sunday’s City State parliamentary elections in Berlin, re-entering the Parliament with 6,7% and 12 MPs. FDP leader Christian Lindner said that these elections were yet another important step towards next federal elections.

Open, tolerant and united - LibDems adopt plan for Britain in Europe


The UK Liberal Democrats gathered in Brighton this weekend for their Autumn Congress, promising to be the only political party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united.

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