ALDE member parties join Pride parades around Europe | ALDE Party

ALDE member parties join Pride parades around Europe


This time of year is the season of Pride parades. ALDE Party members across Europe participate in the parades that demand equality for LGBTI communities. Last Saturday, ALDE Party member Fianna Fáil participated in Dublin Pride and GayLib, the LGBTI association of ALDE Party member UDI in France joined the Paris parade. Coming Saturday, Ciudadanos will join the World Pride in Madrid.

Fianna Fáil's Donnacha Maguire reported: "Over 50 members and supporters of Fianna Fáil, led by Justice Spokesperson Jim O'Callaghan TD and Senator Catherine Ardagh, joined in the festivities of the Dublin Pride. Marching under the theme 'Find your inner hero', party members joined with over 30.000 other people for one of the largest Dublin Pride Parades ever. Fianna Fáil introduced Civil Partnership's during its last term in office, and campaigned heavily for the passing of the 2015 Civil Marriage Equality referendum. Over the next number of months, Fianna Fáil will take part in the Belfast, Cork, Galway and Limerick Pride festivals, and some members will travel to Berlin and Manchester to fly the flag for Pride also."


GayLib's Rémi Guastalli reported from Paris: "Gaylib took part to the 40th Pride Parade in Paris. The LGBTI movement of the ALDE party member UDI marched with three major revendications: to strengthen the fight against discrimination, more rights for transgender people and medically assisted insemination (MAI) for all women. This last concern was the central topic of the 2017 Paris Pride. Gaylib, as a liberal and humanist movement, was founded in 2001."

The festive parades in Dublin and Paris were in stark contrast to the events around the Istanbul Pride. As reported by the pan-European LGBTI organisation ILGA-Europe, the governor of Istanbul banned the city's Pride parade, one day before its occurence.

Over the weekend, ALDE Party member in Germany, FDP, emphasised it's campaign for marriage equality. Coming Saturday, Ciudadanos will join the World Pride in Madrid. Follow Ciudadanos this weekend on Facebook.