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ALDE wins in Finland

Juha Sipilä

With all votes counted in the parliamentary elections in Finland, ALDE Party member Suomen Keskusta has topped the poll and become the country’s largest party, fellow ALDE Party member Svenska Folkpartiet (SFP) has improved upon previous election results and recorded their best score since 1991, and ALDE Party member in the Aland Islands Åländsk Center won the sole MP seat available by a large margin.

Commenting on the results, ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson said:

The people of Finland have spoken. What an excellent result – I am very happy to see Finland’s likely return to an ALDE-led government to address the tough challenges that lie ahead.

I have contacted my colleagues Juha Sipilä of Suomen Keskusta and Carl Haglund of SFP earlier tonight to congratulate them personally on behalf of Europe’s Liberal Democrats, and I would like to wish Juha and Carl and their parties the best of luck in the upcoming government negotiations.”

Suomen Keskusta, the Finnish Centre Party, increased its result with 5.3% to 21.1%. The party will have 49 members of parliament (+14). Svenska Folkpartiet, the Swedish People's Party of Finland, increased its result with 0.6% to 4.9%. They will keep 9 members of parliament.

(source: YLE)

The ALDE Party is the party for liberal democrat values in Europe. Before tonight, five EU Prime Ministers belong to ALDE Party member parties, and in 2015 alone, ALDE member parties have topped the polls in Parliamentary elections in Estonia, provincial elections in the Netherlands and become one of the largest parties and i.a. winning the capital Vilnius in March’s local elections in Lithuania.