Annie Lööf: "More jobs and a more accessible health care" | ALDE Party

Annie Lööf: "More jobs and a more accessible health care"


From 28 September to 1 October Swedish ALDE member party Centerpartiet gathered in Malmö for their annual Congress. Centerpartiet leader Annie Lööf officially opened the conference with a key message: "I want to reduce the social and regional cleavage in Sweden with more jobs across the country, a more accessible health and an increased security wherever you live."

A large part of Annie Lööf's speech was dedicated to health care: "Centerpartiet wants to see a more accessible health care that is closer to the people. To guarantee a safe medical care throughout the country is the very essence of our welfare society, an omnipotent part of a safe and strong Sweden."

Centerpartiet leader concluded her address highliting the need for strong values ​​and action in politics: "In us, extremism, racism and xenophobia meet a resistance movement that does not go down."

You can read Lööf's full speech here or watch it below:

During the Congress, Centerpartiet also adopted a resolution called "A Responsible International Agenda", led by ALDE Party Vice President Fredrick Federley MEP. The adopted programme points out that Centerpartiet wants to be a responsible player in the foreign policy debate and calls the EU to further cooperate in the fields of security and defence. 

"Openness and cooperation go hand in hand with safety and security," Federley commented.

Former UK Deputy Prime Minister and prominent LibDems politician Nick Clegg also addressed the participants.

The annual conference was also an occasion for Centerpartiet to re-lected some of the members of their Board, such as Annie Lööf as Chair, Anders W Jonsson as First Vice Chair and Fredrick Federley as Second Vice Chair. Cecilia Andersson and Linda Ylivainio were elected to join the new Board. You can read more details about the Board composition here.

The ALDE Party was also present during the Centerpartiet Congress with a stand promoting ALDE Party individual membership, which recruited 8 new members over the event. ALDE Party Vice President Fredrick Federley MEP was among the visitors of our stand. 

Read more about the event on Centerpartiet's website.