Dutch parties reach coalition agreement | ALDE Party

Dutch parties reach coalition agreement

Binnenhof in The Hague

More than six months after the Dutch parliamentary elections, held on 15 March, four political parties under the leadership of ALDE Party member VVD have reached an agreement to establish a new coalition government. Together with the Christian Democrats of CDA, ALDE Party member D66 and the small Christian Union, the VVD will work for “Trust in the future” – the motto of the new government.

On Tuesday, the four parties presented a coalition agreement which aims to make the country even stronger and a place that is better for everyone. The new government will invest in everyone's opportunities while strengthening the collective.

On Thursday, “informateur” Gerrit Zalm, who led the negotiations, will present the coalition agreement to the Dutch parliament. That same day, parliament is expected to nominate VVD leader Mark Rutte as “formateur”. In that role he will search for his government ministers and deputy-ministers. It is expected that the new government will be presented in the week of 23 October.