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Get to know the Bureau candidates to be elected at ALDE Party Congress

Warsaw, host city of the 2016 ALDE Party Congress

The ALDE Party is looking forward to welcoming you to Warsaw from 1 to 3 December for three days of exciting debates, crucial elections and social gatherings at the ALDE Party Congress 2016.

One of the major events highlights of the Congress is the election of 3 ALDE Party Vice Presidents and a new Treasurer, who will join ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP in the 11-member Bureau.

It is our pleasure to announce the nominated candidates:

Vice President

Henrik Bach Mortensen

Venstre, Denmark

Nomination Letter

Luis Garicano

Ciudadanos, Spain

Nomination Letter


Mats Löfström MP

SFP, Finland

Nomination Letter

Angelika Mlinar MEP

NEOS, Austria

Nomination Letter


Urmas Paet MEP

Reform Party, Estonia

Nomination Letter


Gašper Koprivsek

SMC, Slovenia

Nomination Letter

All the candidates running in this election have issued their personal statements.

Henrik Bach Mortensen (Venstre) is the Chairman of the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD). In his personal statement he said: "I want to contribute to a political platform which will support ALDE parties winning the next European election. I want to strengthen ALDE as a well known and successful political party throughout Europe."

Luis Garicano (Ciudadanos) is Professor of Economy and Strategy at the London School of Economics (LSE) and responsible of Economics and Knowledge Policy in Ciudadanos. In his personal statement  hesaid: "Against despair and anger, we liberals have the duty not to abdicate our beliefs for political expediency, but instead to fight for what has been for decades the political centre in our countries."

Mats Löfström MP (SFP), member of the Finnish Parliament and Vice Chairman of the SFP parliamentary group, said: "If being elected member of the ALDE Party bureau I would like to increase the participation of national parliamentarians and national parliaments in the European project."

Angelika Mlinar MEP (NEOS), currently ALDE Party Vice President running for a second term and NEOS Vice President, stated: "My commitment and enthusiasm will hopefully contribute to continue building bridges between the ALDE Party and its member parties, as well as among liberals at individual level. Our Liberal European family faces many challenges ahead and in such times it is essential to maintain focus and strategically continue working towards a common objective."

Urmas Paet MEP (Reform Party) is the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and currently an MEP in the ALDE Group. In his personal statement he said: "As a politician with longstanding government member experience and as current board member of the governing party in Estonia, I know how important it is to link the constituencies back home to European topics. European affairs are internal affairs. I want to represent that link for you."

Gašper Koprivsek (SMC) is the only candidate running for Treasurer and he is currently the head of the International Offices of SMC. Koprivsek has stated: "I believe this is strategically important position in our European liberal family. If elected, I assure you professional and dedicated engagement in order to facilitate our member parties' needs and expectations."

You can read their full personal statements here.

Registration for the Congress is still open, you can register yourself and your delegation here.

Don't hesitate to contact the ALDE Party Events & Fundraising team at for further information - they will be happy to provide assistance to facilitate your and your delegations' presence at Congress.