Individual members to join the March for Europe in Rome | ALDE Party

Individual members to join the March for Europe in Rome


It is now officially confirmed that ALDE Party individual members, along with the European Liberal Youth - LYMEC, will take part in the March for Europe in Rome. The March for Europe, organised by several pan-European political organisations and networks, will take place in the Italian capital on 25 March 2017, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, thanks to which the European Economic Community was established. The march will start at 14:00 CET and it will be preceded by a series of roundtable discussions, including speakers such as Guy Verhofstadt MEP, Romano Prodi, Emma Bonino, Sylvie Goulard MEP, Christopher Glück and Danuta Hübner.

The event will reunite thousands of citizens from every corner of Europe who still believe in the project and in the dream of the European Union. The aim of the event is to show how it is possible to face the threats against common European values if we stand together.                    

As Václav Havel, promoter of democratic and human values, once claimed: “Without dreaming of a better Europe, we shall never build a better Europe. To me, the twelve stars in the European flag do not express the proud conviction that we will build heaven on this earth. There will never be heaven on earth. I see these twelve stars as a reminder that the world could become a better place if from time to time we had the courage to look up at the stars.” It is time to stand up and unite.

The slogan of the event clearly refers to the need to revive those European ideals, currently clouded by the darkness of nationalism and populism: For a Europe of unity against divisions and new walls. For a united Europe that delivers on its promises of peace, freedom, security and prosperity. For a Europe of solidarity and shared responsibility. For a Europe that protects European interests and values in the world. For a Europe of democracy that empowers European citizens. For a Europe of hope, against a Europe of fear. For a plan to relaunch and complete European political unity. “

If you are interested in joining the March for Europe, please read the practical information here and walk together with our individual members in Rome!