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Individual members reach new heights in Amsterdam

Group picture of individual members after Annual General Meeting

Individual members reached a new height at the ALDE Party Congress in Amsterdam. They were omnipresent with 200 members that came from all across Europe. Four dedicated meetings were held for and by the individuals and a dedicated stand allowed new people to sign up for membership.

For the first time, a “First Timers” meeting was organised which allowed newly signed up individual members to familiarise themselves with the practice, procedures and opportunities an ALDE Congress provides, as well as see many new faces and make friends to enjoy the ALDE Congress together.

During the Annual General Meeting, outgoing Steering Committee Chair Julie Cantalou said goodbye and thanked the individual members for the inspiration she and her team received in the past years, and thanked her outgoing team members including Yuri Guaiana.


Chris Pyak and Thalia Ntoka are the new co-Chairs of the Steering Committee. Ashmita Krishna is the new Coordinators Catalyst, Enrico Cappelletti the new Political Officer and Robert Schliessler the new Communications Officer.

The three elected Individual Members’ Congress delegates held the political flag of freedom. Francesca Mercanti, Amélie Pans and Wolf Achim Wiegand defended with flying colours the two resolutions, one on the topic of transnational lists and one about the strengthening of transnational liberal cooperation. While the former resolution was not approved, the delegates succeeded in convincing the Congress to support the transnational liberal cooperation resolution.


Co-Chair Chris Pyak presented the results of the “strategy process” to define the vision and mission of individual members both to the ALDE Party Council and to the individuals in a dedicated session on Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning under the leadership of Coordinators secretary Ashmita Krishna, country and regional coordinators shared best practices.


Finally, the new co-Chairs Chris and Thalia joined ALDE Party’s HQ’s Adriana and Daniel for a Facebook Live session to talk about individual membership to the wide audience that follows the ALDE Party Facebook page.


In the coming days, all individual members will receive a comprehensive report of individual members activities at the Congress.

Watch Facebook Live with Chris and Thalia: