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Landslide victory for ANO in Czech elections

Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic
ALDE member party ANO won a considerable landslide in last weekend's Czech parliamentary elections with 29.64% of the vote, far ahead of the other main parties and increasing their number of seats in the lower house from 47 to 78 in the process.
Commenting on the results of the parliamentary election in the Czech Republic, ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP said: “I am delighted at the result in today’s parliamentary elections and the clear victory for ALDE Party member party ANO 2011 led by Andrej Babis, which should now lead the formation of a new government in the Czech Republic.”
Since January 2014 the party has been an active junior partner in the country’s coalition government and has succeeded in building a record of achievements across a range of initiatives that have helped to propel the party to further electoral successes in the European, Senate and municipal elections and to the number one party in the country.”
I am also delighted that as a consequence of this result, ALDE’s presence in the European Council will further increase and that now we numerically surpass the European Socialists.”
I look forward to continuing to work closely with our member party ANO 2011 and its elected representatives in the Czech government, Czech Chamber of Deputies and the European Parliament to help deliver a Europe and a Czech Republic that works for the benefit of Czechs and all citizens.”
Speaking about the Czech elections results to the European Liberal Forum, ANO MEP Martina Dlabajova said"Election result is not only a victory for ANO in the Czech Republic, but also for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. ANO has been successfully strengthening its position and after regional elections last year, it is another big success. There is now no doubt ANO is the main political player in the Czech Republic. With this result also comes a great responsibility towards voters and all the citizens of our country."

"The post-election situation is now complicated and the negotiations will not be easy either, but I do believe ANO will be the leader in establishing a new Czech government and ALDE will soon have eight liberal prime ministers!"

"ANO has always clearly stated that our place is within the EU. I strongly hope that ANO will be able to build a coalition that will strengthen the position and influence of the Czech Republic at the European level and will contribute constructively to the reform of the EU."

"What is alarming, however, about the election results, is the great success of the Freedom and Free Democracy party (SPD), an extremist and nationalist party! This dangerous trend is becoming increasingly prevalent across Europe and we need to pay attention to this. SPD has gained political success by growing fear and hatred. It is my hope that people will soon find out that their program is unrealistic and misleading people into the illusion of isolation that will undermine and pull us out from the very heart of Europe."Elections | Read a thorough comment by ELF Vice-President, @Mdlabajova MEP, on the aftermath & challenges ahead:

You can read more details about the results here.