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Liberal International celebrates 70th anniversary

Delegates to the Liberal International Anniversary Congress

Liberal International, the worldwide federation of liberal political parties, held their 70th Anniversary Congress in the principality of Andorra, from 18-21 May 2017 with almost 200 delegates from liberal parties in 56 countries spanning 5 continents in attendance. The Congress marked the historic culmination of the 2017 LI manifesto process – a global reflection on liberalism in the twenty-first century, initiated by the Liberal International President Dr. Juli Minoves. The Manifesto, adopted unanimously, is the first Liberal International manifesto to be adopted outside of Oxford, UK, where LI was founded in 1947, and is a manifesto for the challenges of the twenty-first century and the product of two years of global consultation with member parties, with dialogue and exchanges on every continent.

As ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP represented the region of Europe in signing the adopted Manifesto and in his speech to Congress spoke of the successes of liberal member parties across Europe in recent elections, declaring that: "now is a time for optimism as liberalism is advancing."

Following its recent legal definition as a European Political Party, the ALDE Party was successfully elevated to full member status of Liberal International.

Delegates re-elected Dr Juli Minoves (Andorra) as President of Liberal International, Hakima el Haite (Morocco) as Deputy President, as well as Abir Al-Sahlani (Sweden), Cellou Dalein Diallo (Guinea), Eduardo Montealegre (Nicaragua), Karl-Heinz Paqué (Germany), Robert Woodthorpe Browne (UK) and former ALDE Party Vice President Astrid Thors (Finland) as Vice Presidents on the Bureau.

Furthermore, former ALDE Party President Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck was elected an Honorary President.

The ALDE Party was represented by President Hans van Baalen, Treasurer Gašper Koprivšek as well as Vice Presidents Timmy Dooley and Henrik Bach Mortensen. The ALDE Party also participated with a promotional stand and welcomed new members to its individual membership.

For more information on the 70th Anniversary Congress of Liberal International, please visit their website.