Liberals and Democrats to meet in Ljubljana | ALDE Party

Liberals and Democrats to meet in Ljubljana

Prime Minister Miro Cerar, host of the ALDE Party Council

Liberals and Democrats from across Europe are to meet in Ljubljana. Upon invitation of Stranka Modernega Centra, the ALDE member party led by Prime Minister of Slovenia Miro Cerar, ALDE Party will hold its spring Council meeting in the Slovenian capital on 2-3 June.

Delegates will discuss topical issues such as freedom and security in Europe in the 21st century; democracy and citizenship in the digital age; a universal basic income and employment automation. Also, the question of women in agriculture as part of the bigger theme of realising an inclusive economy will be on the agenda. In addition, delegates will discuss urgent resolutions.

Next week's Liberal Eyes newsletter will feature a full report. You can follow the proceedings of the ALDE Party Council via Twitter and #ALDEcouncil.

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