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LIBSEEN revitalises network at meeting in Ljubljana

Steering committtee of LIBSEEN

As a part of an effort of the LIBSEEN office and the Croatian People's Party- Liberal Democrats to revitalise LIBSEEN, the regional network of liberal parties in South Eastern Europe, the reconstituted Steering Committee was called into session in Ljubljana this weekend.

The Steering Committee discussed the strategic goals of LIBSEEN as a network of liberal parties in the Western Balkans and the direction that it could potentially develop in the future. In a productive exchange of opinions and the ideas, the Steering Committee also examined a number of topics that are vital for the functioning of the network in the future. During the meeting in Ljubljana, there was talk on ways of improving communication between member parties, opportunities for bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the region and thematic focus areas that could be interesting for all LIBSEEN members.

The Steering Committee also drafted a calendar of events for 2015 on the basis of project proposals presented by member organizations. In this year, LIBSEEN will visit Romania for a seminar on how to tackle corruption which will be hosted by the Liberal Reform Party. Meanwhile, hosted by Movement of Rights and Freedoms, the LIBSEEN Leaders Meeting will take place in Bulgaria where liberal leaders in the region will be able to talk and formulate a common position on Mr. Juncker's policy on EU enlargement.

During the remainder of the weekend, representatives of LIBSEEN members participated in intense public speaking training which was held by Speech Republic and supported by VVD. Participants were challenged by their excellent trainers to face their fears and deal with their various weaknesses, while at the same time bringing out their strengths. In a positive and encouraging atmosphere created by the trainers and fellow liberal colleagues, participants were able to improve on their public speaking skills and in the final exercise make fiery speeches that rival that of such great communicators as Obama or JFK.  LIBSEEN office believes that the training could represent a first step in the direction of developing a capacity-building dimension to LIBSEEN.

LiBSEEN office would like to thank Novum Institute and Sebastjan Pikl and Alja Stanko particularly for their wonderful organisation as well as VVD for supporting the event and Speech Republic trainers for their great effort in helping liberals from the Western Balkans „say it like a president“.