Series: Meet the Croatian Individual Members country coordinator | ALDE Party

Series: Meet the Croatian Individual Members country coordinator

Vjeran Filippi, Croatian country coordinator

Vjeran Filippi is the recently appointed country coordinator of the ALDE Party Individual Members in Croatia. Vjeran is a private entrepreneur in the field of investments and tourism and the President of the rural local development organisation LAG5 in Croatia. He was member of Korcula city council in several mandates and member of several commissions in charge of island, rural and local development.

His motivation to become a country coordinator: "I want to promote liberal values in Croatia and the region of Southeast Europe in general as I feel that they are under threat from clientelism, protectionism and nationalism that is growing in this part of Europe. I see Croatia as a prosperous, open and tolerant country in the globalised world."

His plan to activate individual membership: "I believe individual membership will be very attractive to people from Croatia that share liberal values but don’t want to take part in national political parties. With currently limited number of individual members in Croatia, there is a great potential for growth. My strategy will be based on social networks and cooperation with liberal NGOs or social network groups in the first step and meetings and workshops in the next steps."

His ambition for individual members: "To be an active part in a true European party with strong European identity and agenda; to enable members that are more interested in European than in the national agenda and policies; and to communicate with each other and with the ALDE party in general."

Highlights of Croatian individual members' activities in 2017: "Establishing and promoting the Facebook page of Croatian individual memebrs, establishing contacts with Facebook groups that promote liberal values, attracting new members through social media and private contacts."

His vision of Europe: "I believe in a free and fair market oriented Europe, consisting of an open society with strong empathy for those in need. I also believe in a tolerant and inclusive Europe, but with less bureaucracy in the EU institutions that will enable us to build a global competitive economy based on smart policies where every European will be able to fulfil her or his dreams."