Series: meet the individual members' Italian country coordinator | ALDE Party

Series: meet the individual members' Italian country coordinator

Antonio Stango

The ALDE Party Individual Members group in Italy is a large community consisting of 581 members. Antonio Stango, together with Francesca Mercanti, coordinate the Italian individual members. Antonio is a leading figure in the advocacy and defence of human rights since the 1980s and still today is strongly committed in a number of issues related to the sphere of human rights.

His motivation to become a country coordinator: "I wanted to contribute with my political and managing experience to the growth of ALDE individual membership, which I consider potentially a very useful tool to support the policies of liberal democracy and European federalism."

His plan to activate the membership in his country: "My operative programme includes, among else, facilitating external communication, internal political discussion, and public events such as seminars on specific issues – not only in the capital, but also in other Italian cities."

His ambition for ALDE Party Individual Members: "I would like us to become a strong movement, which would be able to play an active and influential role in the policy-making process in Italy, as well as all over Europe."

Finally, he concluded by sharing his vision of Europe: "I devoted most of my life to the struggle for human rights and I believe the European Union, which has still the best system of protection of human rights - although facing serious challenges-, should further improve its own standards and advocate for the consistent implementation of universal human rights worldwide."