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Venstre warms up for local elections in annual Landsmøde

Lars Løkke Rasmussen during Landsmøde 2017

Last weekend, from 7 to 8 October, our Danish member party Venstre, led by Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, held their annual Congress or Landsmøde. Hundreds of members came together in Vejle, Denmark, to discuss current European topics and listen to inspirational speeches from their leaders.

A speech by party leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen marked the start of the Congress on Saturday. In his address, Løkke Rasmussen spoke first about the current government coalition ruling the country: "In Denmark, crisis is now replaced by optimism. This is not only true for Christiansborg (the Danish government), where things today look brighter than they have done in a long time, which is very important for Denmark where growth is happening and optimism bubbles. A year ago, it felt like we had eight parties in the opposition, as if we were surrounded from all sides; it does not feel like this anymore. We were joined by our good friends from the Liberal Alliance and the Conservative People's Party. We do not agree with everything, but it is clear that we share common goals of making Denmark freer, richer and safer."

The Prime Minister also drew attention to the increase in jobs in Denmark: "Every time more and more Danes are working. Some of them are even experiencing for the first time the joy and pride of managing themselves and fewer rely on public support. In fact, the lowest number in the last ten years. Some of the credit of this success is to entrepreneurs, skilled business people and diligent employees, but part of the credit is also for us, Venstre. These results prove that the right policies can make a difference. We have always insisted on making decisions that can make Denmark stronger."

As local elections in Denmark approach on 21 November, the final remarks by Lars Løkke Rasmussen encouraged the candidates running in the elections: "There are not two municipalities or regions that are the same. But basically the coices we can make are the same everywhere. It's all about trust. Who do you rely for organising the everyday life of where you live? I tell you: you are to trust. Your citizens trust you. We have almost 1,900 Venstre candidates running in the upcoming local elections. And I trust each and every one of you."

You can read his full speech here or watch it below:

You can take a look at the best pictures from Venstre Congress on their Flickr album.