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Young liberals learn communication skills

Young liberals communicate

The LYMEC training seminar on communication skills started on 15th of March. The seminar was hosted by the Estonian Reform Party Youth and supported by the ELDR Party. The former vice-president of LYMEC, Mette Lykke Nielsen, and the President of ERPY, Mihkel Lees, opened the event, which was followed by dinner and the traditional cultural evening. 30 young liberals brought food and drinks from their respective countries and shared them with the rest
of participants.

The next day started off with an opening speech from the Estonian minister of foreign affairs, Urmas Paet. He stressed the importance of good communication skills for a politician. Estonia is one of the frontrunners when it comes to digital communication with its citizens and the only country so far where it is possible to vote in the elections using internet. The opening speech was followed by an introduction lecture given by the spokeswoman to the minister of foreign affairs and the one of the public relations-advisor to the Estonian Reform Party.

The trainers started the seminar with a lecture about the use of media in a crisis. As example they used the kidnapping of seven Estonian citizens in Lebanon in 2011 and the constant pressure of the press on the ministry of foreign affairs. After they explained how they handled this crisis, which was followed by an interactive group work – crisis management. The participants had to work out their own crisis plans on several cases and present them to the group. The next day started off with and analysis of what had been done the previous day. Furthermore the participants practiced in giving speeches with the use of a video camera and answering difficult questions in interviews without losing their message. Such a practice was followed by an interactive conclusion of communication training.