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2015 Liberal Eyes n°03 - 21/01/15

Party Presidents visits Moldova for government talks
On Tuesday, ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson visited Moldova with leading figures from the EPP and PES upon the invitation by Moldova’s liberal, conservative and socialist Party Leaders who are currently in the process of negotiating the formation of a pro-European government.
ALDE Party individual members of Slovenia meet with Hungarian Ambassador
The individual members of ALDE Party in Slovenia were fortunate to meet with Dr. István Szent-Iványi, currently the Hungarian ambassador to Slovenia to discuss his experiences in diplomacy and liberal politics in Hungary.
Individual members held meetings in London and Ljubljana
Last week, individual members met in Ljubljana, London and Utrecht. The U.K. coordinator Stuart Bonar said: “Two-dozen ALDE individual members living in the UK attended a social event in London to kick-start 2015."
Sir Graham to visit individual members in Greece and Bulgaria
Next week, ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson will visit Athens on Thursday 29 January and Sofia on Friday 30 January and meet ALDE Party's individual members in these countries. Members are kindly invited to attend.
Invitation: Liberal Breakfast on the Latvian EU Presidency
Latvia took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Join us in Brussels for our first Liberal Breakfast in 2015 - organised in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom - where we will analyse Latvia’s presidency from a liberal point of view.
ALDE Party Vice President to Speak at United World Colleges Peace Conference
On Sunday, ALDE Party Vice President Lousewies van der Laan will speak at the UWC International Peace Conference. The conference theme is “peace can be a reality” and will bring young people together to discuss conflicts and the prospects of peace around the world.
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