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2015 Liberal Eyes n°27 - 08/07/15

Greece referendum: 'This is not the end'
Commenting on the results, ALDE Group Leader in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt MEP, said: "This week will determine if Tsipras is a leader who offers solutions or a false prophet without any ideas of his own."
Sir Graham: there is new hope for peace in Cyprus
On 1 July ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson and ALDE Group MEPs Ivo Vaigl and Ilhan Kyuchyuk met Turkish Cypriot President Mustafa Akinci in Brussels to discuss progress in the talks for unification of the island. "There is a fresh wind of hope blowing across the eastern Mediterranean", Sir Graham said.
UK LibDems prepare for referendum
Senior UK Liberal Democrats met in London last Friday to prepare the party for the forthcoming referendum on continued UK membership of the EU. The Liberal Democrats' campaign for staying in would be launched at the Party's annual conference on 21 September.
Political Academy of HNS celebrates its tenth birthday!
Commenting on the anniversary, HNS President and Minister of Foreign and European affairs of Croatia, Dr. Vesna Pusić, said: "The Academy carries a tremendous responsibility for educating our members."
LibDems in Europe fight back with EU referendum discussion
Also in Brussels, members of the European branch of the UK Lib Dems held a discussion about the forthcoming EU referendum, with ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson, in the presence of many new members.
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