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2016 Liberal Eyes n°19 - 11/05/16

LibDems continue fightback in UK local elections
Thursday 5 May saw elections held in the United Kingdom with elections to the Assemblies in Wales, Scotland and London, and local elections across England. Liberal Democrats gained more seats than any other party in England and were the only party to gain control of a Council.
ALDE Group supports reinforced Europol mandate
In this week's plenary session, the ALDE Group in the European Parliament welcomed the adoption of new legislation to strengthen Europol's mandate. The EP has also backed a text under leadership of Cecilia Wikström MEP aiming at attracting third nationals to contribute to the EU's competitiveness.
Serbian Liberals back in the Parliament after short absence
The Liberal Democratic Party of Serbia have returned to the National Assembly after a short absence, with the results of the elections of 24 April now confirmed following the re-run of voting in 15 polling stations on 4 May due to irregularities.
Join now Individual members' twinning projects
The ALDE Party Individual Members launched a new twinning project to link up members across different countries. The scheme pairs up members living in different countries who want to work on the same topics and develop common positions. Join now!
Celebrate Eurovision with liberals in Brussels
On Saturday evening 14 May, Open Vld, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Europe, ALDE Party, LYMEC, the Willemsfonds and partners will together host an event on the Eurovision Song Contest and the power of music. Join us by registering your participation now at www.openvldevents.be!

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