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2016 Liberal Eyes n°38 - 19/10/16

Liberal leaders will meet to discuss Brexit at Pre-Summit
Lberal Prime Ministers and European Commissioners will meet at the Egmont Palace in Brussels on Thursday 20 October ahead of the European Council Summit of the same day. Crucial topics will be discussed such as the current status of Brexit and the latest developments on tackling the refugee crisis.
LibDems fight back in Poole Council with swing from UK Conservatives
Vikki Slade from the Liberal Democrats and a graduate of our 2016 European Women's Academy programme has been re-elected to the Poole Council in a landslide victory in the Broadstone by-election winning 69.3% of the vote with a swing from the UK Conservatives. Yet another strong step in the #LibDemFightBack!
ALDE-CoR pushes for more comprehensive European Aviation strategy
At last week's Committee of the Regions plenary, Liberals took the lead in calling for a more comprehensive European Aviation strategy to foster growth, jobs and mobility, an opinion put forward by ALDE-CoR member Ulrika Landergren from Swedish ALDE Party member Liberalerna.
ANO make triumphant breakthrough in Czech regional elections
ALDE Party member in the Czech Republic ANO 2011 emerged the big victors from the country’s regional elections and won mandates for three members of the Senate. Confirming their long-standing position as the leading party in opinion polls, ANO won the most votes and seats in 9 of the 13 regions.
Individual members in Spain to elect country coordinators
Individual members with an address in Spain and that have paid their membership fee have received by e-mail a voting ballot with which until Friday 12h00 CET they can elect their country coordinators. Members can choose from six candidates.
Individual members to discuss defence and security in Baltic sea area - cancelled
Online registration is now open! Individual members and friends are invited to a workshop to discuss security & defence questions in the Baltic sea area. The event will be held from 25-27 November in Hamburg, Germany.

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