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ALDE Party press release

At their Council meeting earlier today, delegates of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party issued the statement below:

Amidst rising tension and open conflict in Eastern Ukraine, European Liberal Democrats urge the EU to act to make clear to Russia that a second Crimea scenario will entail significant costs.

Liberals welcome any attempt to engage in a constructive dialogue with Russia to find peaceful solutions. However, Russia is trying to re-impose hegemony and limit the sovereignty of its neighbors under the guise of a defense of the Russian-speaking world. Therefore, the European Union must be prepared to take further steps if Russia continues to violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

European Liberals call upon Russia to use its influence to release the OSCE observers held as hostages by Ukrainian separatists and to cooperate under the OSCE umbrella to allow a fully-fledged observation mission in Eastern Ukraine. Russia must ensure that the separatists in the East do not sabotage those elections.

An OSCE mission would be a way forward to ensure peaceful elections and allow Ukrainians to determine their political future in an independent and sovereign manner free of outside interference.

Note to editors:

About thousand European Liberal Democrats are meeting in Vienna today for their council meeting and electoral rally.
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