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ALDE Party press release

Speaking at a press conference this morning ahead of the ALDE Party Electoral Rally in Vienna, Austria hosted by the Austrian liberal party NEOS, ALDE Party president, Sir Graham Watson MEP, said “NEOS is a positive example for all liberal parties in Europe. In under two years, they have risen from being a new party on the Austrian political scene to winning seats in the Austrian Parliament, and are now are on the verge of an impressive result in the European election. We want their positivity to inspire our fellow European liberal parties to campaign for a stronger and a more liberal Europe."

ALDE Party candidate for President of the European Commission Guy Verhofstadt MEP said " We see NEOS as the example of what could happen in the coming years in Europe:  a rise of the pro european liberal movementNEOS is performing extremely well and I am looking forward to welcome a number of NEOS MEPs in Brussels". 

Angelika Mlinar, the lead candidate for NEOS in the forthcoming European elections, added  "we are very pleased to host the ALDE Party in Vienna. These European elections are a key moment for the future of the European Union and we are ready to work with all our our European liberal partners to spread the liberal spirit throughout Europe which is sorely needed at this time of crisis."

Together, the ALDE Party Council and the electoral rally are the largest European liberal meeting ahead of the European Parliamentary elections. At the invitation of ALDE Party member NEOS, both events will bring together about 1.000 European Liberal Democrats, including party leaders and decision-makers from our member parties across the European continent.

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