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ALDE Party press release

The ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) Party has closed its 34th and most successful annual Congress, held this year in London.

A thousand delegates from across the European continent gathered in the British capital’s iconic Canary Wharf complex in the heart of the business district to hear keynote speeches by party personalities, participate in fringe meetings and select a new bureau.

ALDE is also the first European political party to adopt its manifesto for the 2014 elections  – with candidates voting overwhelmingly for a stronger, simpler Europe better suited to serve the needs of its people.

ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson said “This manifesto is a departure from the norm – it has been forged in the heat of the crisis Europe has been weathering for a number of years now. I am pleased that it demands a stronger union to serve our interests while calling for a cutback in top-heavy, unnecessary and costly bureaucracy. A stronger, simpler union is what we all want and need and that is what our manifesto delivers. It is a solid platform for our parties to build on.”

Note to editors

The text of the manifesto will be available on the ALDE Party website next week.

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