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ALDE Party press release

Commenting on today's vote in the European Parliament to end roaming fees by December 2015 and endorse a strong net neutrality law, ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson said: “Today is a great day for European liberals. For a long time we have been working for the reduction of mobile phone roaming charges. Today’s vote in the European Parliament brings us closer to the completion of a single market in telecommunications, one of the pillars the ALDE Party’s European election manifesto”.

“The end of the roaming fees has been one of the top priorities of the liberal European Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes. She and other European Liberals recognise that the digital economy is vital for creating jobs and creating growth in Europe’s economy. European citizens deserve more e-services, faster internet access and fairer prices when using their phones across borders. The ALDE Party will continue to work to boost a modern digital economy”.

Note to editors

The ALDE Party European election manifesto ‘A Europe that Works’ reads:

The digital economy is vital to jobs. We will work to create a modern economy that simplifies life through more e-services, and stimulates e-commerce by improving faster internet access, guaranteeing an open internet, fighting for net neutrality and creating a genuine single market in telecommunications, including the phasing out of mobile phone voice and data roaming charges by 2016, and unjustified prices for calling or texting across borders.

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