Turkey crosses danger line, statement by ALDE Party President | ALDE Party

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ALDE Party press release

''The move yesterday by Turkey's government to seize assets and control of an important media group in the run-up to the election shows that Turkey has crossed the danger line'', said ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson yesterday.

In a move which contravenes Turkey's constitution, a judge in Ankara ruled yesterday to comply with a request from the government's Financial Crimes Investigation Board for the seizure of a multibillion dollar company which owns two daily newspapers and two television stations.

''With less than a week to go to the elections there is now almost no critical media in Turkey'', said the ALDE President. ''Independent journalists, publications and broadcasters have been picked off one by one. The international community must make its voice heard in protest against the creeping authoritarianism of Erdogan's Turkey.''

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