05 Dec, 2022

Acció per Andorra

Party Leader: Judith Pallares


Action for Andorra (Acció per Andorra) was founded in September 2022 by Judith Pallarés, Minister of Social Affairs and Youth of Andorra, in June 2022. The party identifies itself as a social-liberal party and pro-EU. Its principles include the defence of individual freedom, the general interest and shared social values. According to the party’s manifesto the main priorities include: to defend human rights and promote gender equality, ensuring sustainable economic growth and fair trade; and defend freedom of information and expression as well as the right to privacy

Acció per Andorra is currently represented by 4 members of parliament and is part of the coalition government together with Demòcrates per Andorra, Liberals of Andorra (ALDE member party), and Ciutadans Compromesos. The party has also representatives at the local level.

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