15 Oct, 2019

ALDE Congress app: download now

The Congress is now just a few hours away, all of you joining us in Athens are either already on your way or getting ready to leave. That is why, as in previous years, we have made an app to help you find your way around the ALDE Congress. With our app, all events will be in your pocket.

Wondering where you can get it? Do you have an Android? Then, right here. Are you more of an Apple user? Then, click here.

Any attendees who do not have an Apple or Android mobile device, may open an internet browser and use the mobile web version.

The best way to use it? By logging in! It will allow you to unlock many more features:

1 : Download the app on PlayStore for Android users or on the App Store for iOS users.

2 : When you open the app, you will be onto this screen:

You need to click on “ALDE Party Congress 2019 — Oct 24 - Oct 26 2019” to unlock the next level!

3: You will then land onto this screen:

You need to click on the menu icon at the top left corner of your screen.

4: You will then see a “Login” button and this is the one that will unlock all the features! But, you’re not quite there yet!

5: The landing page will be this:

As indicated, you will need to scroll down to reveal the needed button “Register”.

6: The next page will be:

You now need to fill in the form with all of the information and click "Submit".

7: In a few minutes, you will receive the email to set up your password. Once you have done that, you are ready for Athens. You can now roam the app and get a taste of what will happen!

Welcome to Athens! Should you encounter any bug or difficulties with the app, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly through the app!

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