07 Jun, 2023

ALDE Party adopts key resolutions in Stockholm

On 26-28 May, the 2023 ALDE Party Congress was held in Stockholm, Sweden. There, the ALDE Party Bureau, member party delegates and participants from across Europe discussed liberal solutions to address some of Europe’s most pressing challenges. 

During the event, the Congress adopted 10 resolutions focusing on foreign affairs issues, such as the reprisals against dissent in Russia, Georgia’s EU and NATO integration, the recent anti-LGBTIQ+ law in Uganda, as well as support for Ukraine and civil society in Sudan, among others. 

The resolution ― A Liberal Strategy for Europe’s Relationship with China ― proposes the following actions given China’s increasing presence and influence on the world stage:  

“The European Union to develop a more assertive, comprehensive and consistent EU- China strategy that unites all Member States and shapes relations with China in the interest of the EU; Europe continuing to speak out in support of universal values and stand firm against the CCP-led challenge to the world liberal democratic order and human rights”. 

You can find the full resolution here 

The resolution ― Restoration of a pro-active trade policy ― notes that open trade and investment between democratic, market-based economies that share the values of fair and equal market access and respect for the rule of law serves Europe and its citizens well, and calls for: 

“Active engagement by the liberal forces within the European institutions to revive the push for trade and investment agreements with open, market-based economies to diversify both export markets and the sources of imports to strengthen the EU’s economy and to also reduce the dependence on regimes that do not share our European values”. 

You can find the full resolution here 

The resolution ― Building an Effective, More Inclusive Europe-wide Hate Speech Framework ― proposes the following actions, considering the relationship between hate speech and violent action: 

“An expansion of the hate speech and hate crime 2008 framework decision to include gender, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation and disabilities, alongside racism and xenophobia, as areas in which hate crime can manifest itself”. 

You can find the full resolution here 

The resolution ― Fast and smooth process of Ukraine’s integration into the European Union is a key element to ensure long-lasting peace and stability ― calls on ALDE Party members to, in view of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, take the following actions to ensure Ukraine’s EU integration: 

“Directing joint efforts to the implementation of the Peace Formula, as proposed by Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy, to ensure stable and long-lasting peace on the European continent; Uniting efforts to ensure the accelerated accession of Ukraine to NATO and the EU, assistance to Ukraine in its post-war reconstruction, and the country’s active incorporation into the European security, economic and investment environments”. 

You can find the full resolution here 

The resolution ― One Spitzenkandidat for a strong European democracy― expresses:  

“The ALDE Party should pro-actively promote the direct link between the European voters and power and should thus fully support the concept of Spitzenkandidaten”, and  

“The ALDE Party will present its Spitzenkandidat for the position of Commission President and looks forward to a lively campaign in 2024”.  

You can find the full resolution here 

In total, 23 resolutions were passed by the ALDE Party Congress in Stockholm. You can view all of the resolutions adopted here. 

You can also watch some of the Congress highlights on our YouTube channel or below. 

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