26 May, 2023

ALDE Party Bureau statement on the deregistration of PARNAS party, Russia

The Bureau of the ALDE Party strongly condemns the removal of the registration of political party PARNAS by Putin’s regime in Russia via Ministry of Justice application to the Supreme Court on 25 May. 

PARNAS has been a member of the ALDE Party since 2008, and has been actively prevented from being politically active and provide an alternative to Russian citizens. The party has been actively prevented from establishing local chapters and participating in elections, and its leader, Boris Nemtsov, was assassinated to silence his voice. 

The Bureau of the ALDE Party regards this as another deliberate political move by the Kremlin to clear Russia's political space of any opposition to Putin's regime and his war in Ukraine. 

Ilhan Kyuchyuk, ALDE Party co-President:  

"We strongly condemn the deregistration of ALDE member party Partiya Narodnoy Svobody in Russia. It is a clear attack on political diversity and the freedom of choice that should be at the heart of any functioning democracy. This path Putin is set on taking doesn't just shadow doom over Russia, it propels the nation relentlessly towards it." 

Timmy Dooley, ALDE Party co-President: 

"The decision to deregister Partiya Narodnoy Svobody represents a further erosion of the little democracy left in Russia. It seems to be another calculated move by President Putin to silence those who dare to oppose his regime.  We stand in solidarity with our Russian counterparts and the Russian people as they fight for their right to express their political views freely." 

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