25 Jan, 2023

ALDE Party kicks off revision of its founding document

The ALDE Party’s founding document, the Stuttgart Declaration, was adopted in 1976 and outlines our party’s guiding principles and united liberal vision for Europe.  

Looking towards the future and beyond the next elections to the European Parliament in 2024, the ALDE Party Bureau initiated a process to update the founding document at the last ALDE Party Council.   

The standing committee charged with this role held its first meeting on Tuesday 24 January. 

Chaired by ALDE Party Vice-President Baroness Sal Brinton, the committee is formed of members of ALDE member parties. It will hold consultations and will present a draft proposal to which member parties will be able to propose amendments as per the party’s usual resolution process at a future Congress. 

The Stuttgart Declaration has provided ALDE and its predecessor bodies a strong statement of our liberal values, but after nearly fifty years it’s right that ALDE reviews it in light of Europe in the 21st century. The committee looks forward to bringing forward our report to member parties and ALDE Congress,” declared Brinton.

The members of the standing committee are: Vlad Botoș MEP (USR, Romania), Gianfranco Dell’Alba (+Europa, Italy), Karolina Deryńska (ALDE Party Individual Members), Philipp Eng (FDP, Switzerland), Rein Jansons (VVD, Netherlands), Ines Holzegger (LYMEC), Marius Matijošaitis (Laisvės Partija, Lithuania), Aleksi Sandroos (Keskusta, Finland), Gaëlle Smet (MR, Belgium), Anne-Fleur van Veenstra (D66, Netherlands) and Oscar Wåglund Söderström (Liberalerna, Sweden). 

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