15 Jun, 2022

ALDE Party sets its position on key issues

During the ALDE Party Congress 2022 delegates voted and adopted 24 resolutions covering important issues such as: European democracy, defence and security, sustainable energy, EU enlargement and human rights. Below you will find a summary of some of the main resolutions adopted.

Strengthening support for Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a brutal disregard for democratic values and principles, fundamental human rights and freedoms that the European nations have the responsibility to secure and protect; the Russian Federation must be accountable for its flagrant and severe violations of international law during its unprecedented aggression against Ukraine and its citizens.

The ALDE Party calls to continue to show firm solidarity to Ukraine from the local, regional and national levels to the European level as well as on the frontlines; put up a Marshall Plan to rebuild Ukraine; keep the crisis at the top of the European political agenda; provide military and security assistance to strengthen Ukraine's capacity to respond to Russia’s military attacks, defend and liberate its territory and people, and prevent the spread of Russian aggression to other European countries; continue to host people from Ukraine fleeing the war, as well as Russian dissidents who face persecution and long-term imprisonment for their stance in Russia, ensuring that they are treated with dignity; among other things.

Read the resolution in full here

Drawing lessons from the Russian war in Ukraine: making the EU more sovereign and democratic

This war has united the EU in its response, but also laid bare some of the structural deficiencies of the EU’s governance as well as of its geopolitical abilities. We need to reflect on and reform EU governance, to make the EU sovereign and democratic in a world where geopolitical threats are waged by autocratic regimes.

The ALDE Party calls to enhance the military capabilities of the EU; replace unanimity voting with qualified majority voting, including in foreign and security affairs; modernise the EU accession and enlargement policy, moving it away from a paralysed system of vetoes and towards a powerful tool of EU geopolitics and values; give Ukraine a clear perspective of EU membership by granting it candidate status, alongside other countries from the region, such as Moldova and Georgia, proving their commitment to EU values; among other things.

Read the resolution in full here

Accelerating energy transition – reducing our dependence on fossil fuels – ensuring our energy supply

The European Union’s dependency on Russian energy finances the ongoing war by more than hundreds of billions of euros. There is a need to shift to a climate neutral Union and therefore many measures and transitions will be necessary, already in the short term.

The ALDE Party calls to implement liberal climate policy embracing a clean, safe, healthy, and sustainable environment as a basic human right; pursue economic, social and environmental policies, firmly bound to the principles of market economy and technological neutrality to protect people and nature; forging independence from fossil fuels while drastically reducing CO2 emissions in order to mitigate climate change; the EU to assist the countries who carry the heaviest economic burden due to the sharp spike in energy and raw material costs; implement a clear path to funding this transformation shifting public means and incentives to investments and further research and development on all forms of carbon neutral energy; having public authorities lead by example; and more.

Read the resolution in full here

Support Granting EU Membership Candidate Status for Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova

In view of the invasion of Ukraine, taking into account that the applications of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine for EU membership will be discussed on June 2022, and considering the three countries fight to achieve freedom and democracy, ALDE Party calls for EU Member States in the European Council to grant Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine EU candidate status at the upcoming EU Council Summit Meeting end of June 2022.

Read the resolution in full here

For a legal European approach on migration and asylum

More than 4 million people have fled Ukraine as of April 2022. This is the largest movement of refugees in Europe since World War II. There has been an obvious difference between the treatment accorded to Ukrainians and all other non-EU refugees since 2015/2016. It is fundamental to promote the respect of international and European law at the borders to respond to the increase of migratory flows and to encourage Member States to observe the non-discrimination principle for refugees and migrants.

ALDE Party calls to a critical revision of the system that withdraws the EU’s New Migration and Asylum Pact’s compulsory registration of the asylum claim in the country of first arrival and mandatory relocation of migrants between Member States; a human rights approach to dealing with migration placing migrants at the centre of migration policies and governance; a shared outlook on integration and labour policy to speed up the allocation of work permits to legal migrants and refugees who arrive on EU soil;  transparent and sufficient funding in the use of EU funds in relation to support for countries of origin, transit and Member States; a formal definition of climate refugees; among other things.

Read the resolution in full here

The Northern Ireland Protocol

The Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) offers means to manage the impact of Brexit on a shared and interdependent society, and to protect the Good Friday Agreement.

The ALDE Party calls for the UK Government to scrap these plans for domestic legislation overriding aspects of the NIP, and to respect its international legal commitments; the UK and the EU to work together to re-establish trust and create a solid footing for close and friendly EU-UK relations; and UK-EU discussions on genuine, workable solutions, building upon existing agreements and establishing new ones as desired.

Read the resolution in full here

Access all resolutions adopted by the ALDE Party Congress in Dublin here

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