16 Jun, 2021

ALDE Party sets vision on key topics

During the 2021 ALDE eCongress, delegates voted and adopted a range of resolutions covering topical issues 

Responsible and smart spending for sustainable growth and jobs 

Responsible and smart spending of the national and EU temporary recovery funds is key to re-start the economy and boost jobs. ALDE Party believes that job creation needs to be prioritised and aligned with the green and digital transitions. The allocation of EU recovery funds needs to be conditioned to the respect common EU values, conditioned to respect for the rule of law. Moreover, more free trade and diversifying supply chains will help Europe’s recovery and resilience.  

See resolution in full here 

Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic 

For European liberals, the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for reflection, new thinking, and progress. We call for a greater EU coordinating role for tackling healthcare emergencies and the strengthening of the EU health system. We urge the EU to apply the principle of conditionality to ensure the respect of rule of law, as well as to restore fundamental rights and freedoms 

Open hearts, open minds and open borders are at the core of the European idea. ALDE Party calls for the restore of the four freedoms of the European single market – free movement of goods, capital, services and people – which are prerequisites for the economic recovery of the EU as well as political and social benefits in the EU. See resolution in full here. 

The Outcomes of the Conference on the Future of Europe (COFOE) 

ALDE Party confirms its position that COFOE should be a genuinely democratic process where citizens, including youth, can make their voices heard. We call for a Convention on the Future of Europe to implement the conclusions and lay the foundation for a European Constitution.  

See resolution in full here and find more information about ALDE Party’s priorities on COFOE here 

Climate Change - Expand Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) 

ALDE Party believes that Europe has the responsibility to take the lead in reducing CO2 emissions. We call for examining opening the ETS system to additional sectors; practical steps to reducing EU’s greenhouse emissions by 55% by 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050; and to use the liberal way to act on climate through the use market forces, investments and innovative energy solutions.  

See resolution in full here. 

The ALDE Party Congress also adopted other resolutions that outline the liberal vision for key issues such as sustainable mobility and agriculture and renewable energies; the fight against LGBTIQ+ discrimination and women’s rights; enlargement; the situation in Belarus, among others: 

Freedom of movement and sustainable mobility 

Offshore Wind 

Innovation in sustainable agriculture- European Union needs CRISPR and cultured meat 

Religions and LGBTI Rights- A Liberal Perspective 

Towards a more inclusive society- the role of Liberal Mayors in the eradication of LGBTIQ+ phobia 

Levelling the Playing Field- Womens Rights in Modern Liberal Europe 

Expanding the EU Magnitsky Act 

Setting minimum EU requirements for citizenship 

Spending reviews as a path towards prioritising durability 

Strengthening the AI regulation proposal “A European Approach to Artificial Intelligence” by the European Commission to prevent surveillance and discrimination 

Freedom of bio-medicine research and its safe applications 

Correlation Between Enlargement of the European Union to the Western Balkans and Strengthening Europe’s Geopolitical Position 

In response to the recent developments in Belarus 

Implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and Peace on the Island of Ireland 

Support for the Crimea Platform 

Fighting Growing Antisemitism 

Expropriation Without Compensation in South Africa 

All new adopted resolutions will be available here under the different categories.

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