25 Feb, 2019

Amsterdam Coalition publishes electoral lists

In view of the forthcoming 2019 European elections, the liberal parties in the Croatian opposition formed the so-called ‘Amsterdam Coalition’. Initially it was an alliance formed by ALDE member parties at the ALDE Congress 2017 in Amsterdam. However, in the meantime, additional parties from the opposition joined.

On 23 February, the Amsterdam coalition – formed by ALDE Party members GLAS (Civic General Alliance - Građansko-liberalni savez) and IDS-DDI (Istrian Democratic Party - Istarski Demokratski Sabor) together with HSS (Croatian Peasant Party – Hrvatska), PGS (Primorje-Gorski Kotar Alliance), HSU (Croatian Pensioners’ Party - Hrvatska stranka umirovljenika), the Labour party (Laburisti Hrvatske) and the Democrats (Demokrati) – presented their candidates for the European elections.

The electoral list features candidates from all parties involved in the coalition and it is led by the Istrian governor and IDS Vice-President Valter Flego, followed by current ALDE MEP Jozo Rados (GLAS) as second in the list. GLAS party leader Anka Mrak-Taritaš closes the list.

During her speech, GLAS party leader Anka Mrak-Taritaš said: "Dear friends, let's go ahead! Let's meet the challenges, let's keep up and continue to develop a Europe of peace and success. Let's put Croatia high on the map of such a united and successful Europe. Let's finally get rid of all the flaws of incompetence and corruption. Let's show the face of the advanced Croatia.”

Following his election, Valter Flego emphasized on the importance of these European elections and said: “We will fight for a Croatia as we want to leave it to our children. So there is no compromise. Let's be the face of the advanced Croatia and show them that we are stronger.”

Full lists are available on IDS and GLAS websites.

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