21 May, 2021

ANC Armenia re-elect leader to lead list in upcoming snap election

On Saturday 16 May, the Armenian National Congress Party (ANC), ALDE Party member in Armenia, convened for its Congress* ahead of the snap parliamentary elections scheduled for 20 June.

The Party Congress re-elected the first President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan as the leader of the Party and elected its new 35-member Board.

In his speech to the Congress , Mr Ter-Petrosyan heavily criticised the internal and foreign policies of Armenia’s current government and stated that ANC will participate in the upcoming snap parliamentary elections.

ANC Party list will be headed by the first President Ter-Petrosyan and the electoral headquarters will be headed by the deputy chairman of the party Levon Zurabyan.

The snap parliamentary elections in Armenia are scheduled for 20 June 2021, with the election campaign starting officially on 7 June. The last elections were held on 9 December 2018.

* Armenian National Congress (in the past Armenian National Movement) was the ruling party in Armenia (1990-1998). Counting from 1998 this was the 21st Party Congress but the 3rd after restructuring the Party and changing its name in 2013.



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