29 Jan, 2024

Anna Donáth elected Momentum leader

On 28 January, ALDE Party member Momentum Mozgalom in Hungary held a party Congress to elect new party leadership. 

Members confirmed Anna Donáth MEP as party leader replacing Ferenc Gelencsér MP, returning in the role she held previous to her maternity leave in 2022. 

Donáth will also lead Momentum’s list of candidates for the European elections on 6-9 June. 

“It is our task as freedom-loving Hungarians to give hope to a country that is sinking deeper and deeper into apathy. The same struggle is being faced in Europe and throughout the Western world by those who defend liberal democracy,” Donáth told party members. 

“We are here to defend freedom, to defend a free Hungary, to defend a free Europe. We are not afraid of attacks. We are not afraid of populists. We will not allow our fears to be played upon to keep us in fear.” 

Members also elected the new composition of the party board: 

  • Dávid Bedő MP 
  • Katalin Cseh MEP 
  • Miklós Hajnal MP 
  • Anna Orosz MP 
  • Tamás Soproni, Mayor of Terézváros, Hungary
  • Márton Tompos MP 

Finally, party members overwhelmingly agreed to introduce a gender quota in the party’s board and electoral lists from 2026, whereby 30% of the positions will be taken up by women. 

Photo: Momentum Mozgalom

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