13 Oct, 2021

ANO wins most seats in the Czech elections

With all the votes counted in the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic held on 8-9 October, ANO 2011, ALDE party member in the Czech Republic, finished as the largest single party in the 200-seat Parliament with 72 mandates, but short of an outright majority to form a government.

The coalition Together (SPOLU) of three centre-right parties ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09 finished top with 27.8% of the vote for 71 mandates, followed by ANO led by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš with 27.1%, the electoral coalition of the Pirate party and independent group of mayors STAN with 15.6% and the right-wing Freedom party with 9.6% of the vote. Only these four formations will hold seats in the next Parliament, as both the Social Democrats (CSSD) and the Communists (KSCM) fell below the 5% threshold for seats. This is the first time since 1948 that the Communist party will not be in Parliament.

The election was held by 14 multi-member constituencies by open list proportional representation with preferential voting, so while SPOLU won the popular vote, ANO finished with one mandate more.

Prior to the election, Czech President Miloš Zeman said he would entrust the formation of the government to the leader of the party that wins the largest number of seats, so would re-appoint Babiš as Prime Minister to give him the first chance to form a government. Speaking on election night, he indicated that if the President authorises him to do so, he will lead talks to try to form a Cabinet.

The new Parliament must convene no later than thirty days after the election, and at this meeting the chairman of the lower house, its vice-chairmen and committee chairs will be elected.

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