Class of 2022: what's coming up!

Earlier this month we launched the call for applications for our TWO new Alliance Of Her Academy classes for 2022. European Liberal parties can and should lead by example on gender equality, and for next year’s edition we invite our Pro readers to nominate eligible candidates, with a special extended deadline of November 19.

The Alliance Of Her Academy is a powerful programme with proven results. Our large network of empowered liberal women now having a real impact across European politics. Alumnae are represented at every level across European politics, and include several Members of the European Parliament, and Liberal leaders in national parliaments such as Bettina Stark-Watzinger (Member of the German Bundestag) Marie Bjerre (Member of the Danish Parliament), Eva De Bleeker (State Secretary for the Budget and Consumer Protection, Belgium) and Erin McGeehan (Senator, Republic of Ireland).

You don’t need us to tell you what a critical time this is for programmes like the Alliance Of Her Academy given the current political context. Therefore, we are significantly lifting our ambition for next year’s academy: for the first time, we will be offering two classes – including a very special ‘youth’ class in partnership with LYMEC. The youth class will be open to liberal women in politics between the age of 18-30. Class members will experience sessions tailored to the needs and experiences of young people active in European politics, including guest speakers, social activities, and content. To get a glimpse of what one of our sessions looks like check out the video from our first session for the class of 2020 that took place earlier this month.

Partnerships are vital for the Alliance Of Her and advancing our mission of ensuring that female leadership is valued, and that liberal women in politics across Europe can thrive. We collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations committed to promoting female political empowerment, both through the academy but also through collaboration on a range of initiatives aimed at pushing forward our liberal agenda of more equal, representative and inclusive political leadership. This is because we believe that when women are equal in power and decision making; when their leadership is valued; and when more liberal women in politics can thrive, only then can we achieve a truly free, open and prosperous Europe for all.

The Alliance Of Her is an influential community of courageous liberal women and their allies that ignites change by dismantling the barriers that hold women in politics back, and provides them with the resources, knowledge and supportive network to achieve their political ambitions.

Join us and help build an even more powerful platform for our future Liberal Women leaders. A great way to start is by encouraging those in your network who are eligible to apply for the class of 2022: applications are open to all, provided candidates share ALDE Party values. The deadline will be November 12. We aim to announce the two classes of 2022 by November 26. All candidates must be able to fully attend all sessions. Applications must be done by filling out this form.

We also invite you to start a conversation with us about partnering with the Alliance Of Her, whether through the academy or in our numerous other initiatives – all of which achieve more impact when shaped in collaboration with others as committed to female political empowerment as we are.

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