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Individual Members of the ALDE Party

Thank you for being a member of our liberal European family! Individual membership is a sign of support to the European liberal values of freedom and individual responsibility, democracy and the rule of law, respect for human rights and tolerance. For ALDE Party, it is a new way to engage interested European citizens in the role and activities of our Party and contribute to building a strong and efficient democracy.

As a member you can enjoy the benefits below:

• You can take part in several debates, events and initiatives organised by the ALDE Party individual members
• You are eligible to vote at the next elections of the coordinator of your country
• You can be elected as a Congress delegate and participate in the ALDE Party Congress and represent individual members
• You can submit your proposals to the other individual members
• You can make your voice heard! For example, in our new online blog Liberal Words!

Last but not least! You are entitled to receive:

  • An individual membership card
  • The ALDE Party magazine Liberal Bulletin
  • Liberal-Eyes, the weekly electronic newsletter of the ALDE Party
  •  Personalised invitations for selected events

Individual members increasingly play an active role in the life of the party. The country coordinators are organising activities around Europe where individual members can exchange their ideas and positively contribute to raising their voice in the EU debate! Keep in touch with our country coordinators so you won’t miss any events!!

Do not hesitate to submit proposals, campaigns and to share your opinion on with us!
Our main strength is based on you. 

European liberals must unite for freedom!  

Vision & Mission

Internal rules of ALDE Party individual membership

The internal rules of ALDE Party's individual membership regulate its functioning and that of its bodies and sections.