02 May, 2024

Belgian liberals gather at annual 1 May event

On 1 May, Mouvement Réformateur held a party event in Jemappes, Belgium, ahead of federal, regional and European elections in June. 

MR is heading into the federal elections having joined forces with sister party Open VLD to present a joint list for the Brussels constituency. 

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo told members that the liberal family has never been so well-placed to show leadership. 

“The liberal family is proposing another path than that affirming that French-speakers have no ambition, that their situation is the fault of the bad bosses, that they are destined to depend on Flanders, and that in exchange they would accept to negotiate the end of Belgium,” he said in a keynote speech. 

“I see Wallonia taking action. The Walloons and the Flemish are the same: they want to develop their business, to see their efforts rewarded. Let’s stop creating opposition between us: everyone has the same hopes.” 

Party President Georges-Louis Bouchez wrapped up the Congress by recalling MR’s priorities for the elections and invited supporters to join the campaign trail. 

“You all have the right to succeed in your life, you have the right to earn money, you have the right to regain your dignity. Work is more than a salary: it is a place in society. I tell all of you that in Jemappes too, it is possible to take your destiny into your own hands thanks to MR,” he said. 

“During this campaign, we put ourselves in danger, we address another audience, we go where we are not expected. It's a risk. But our ideas are mainly supported by the population. We have to show them that this is our project.” 

The event included other speakers, such as MR’s lead candidate for the European elections Sophie Wilmès, who focused on the importance of better rewarding work, which opens the door to emancipation, social relations and well-being. 

The European elections in Belgium are scheduled to take place on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect 22 MEPs. 

Photo: MR

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