08 May, 2024

Besoin d’Europe present EU list at Rally

On 7 May, the Besoin d’Europe electoral platform presented its electoral programme and full list of candidates for the European elections at a campaign rally in Paris. 

Besoin d’Europe is the joint national campaign of ALDE Party members UDI and Parti Radical with other French parties and partners including Renaissance, part of the Renew Europe Now platform led by Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (ALDE Party), Valérie Hayer (Renaissance) and Sandro Gozi (EDP). 

Hayer, current President of Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament, leads the Besoin d’Europe list while Gozi also features prominently in sixth position. 

Hayer is followed by fellow current MEPs Bernard Guetta, Pascal Canfin, Marie-Pierre Vedrenne and Nathalie Loiseau in the top five. 

UDI will be represented on the list by Valérie Devaux (11th), a local politician and teacher from Amiens specialising in social policies. 

Finally, Parti Radical President Laurent Hénart, former Member of Parliament and Mayor of Nancy specialising in infrastructure and transport policies, features in 16th place on the list. 

“It was said that dictatorships were stronger than democracies. It turned out the other way round: we inoculated and revived the economy. Then in 2022, some people said that Ukraine would not finish the month. Heroically, it is holding out to defend its freedom and ours,” said Hayer. 

“I'm proud of the talent at my side. They are farmers, lawyers, firefighters, diplomats, local councillors and journalists. Faced with lists of fickleness, rehashing and opportunism, we are united by the same ideal: Europe. Europe makes France greater, and France makes Europe greater.” 

The European elections in France are scheduled to be held on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect 81 MEPs.

You can rewatch the Rally (in French) below.

Photo: Besoin d'Europe

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