25 Feb, 2019

Boris Nemtsov remembered in Russia

On 24 February, ALDE member parties in Russia, PARNAS and Yabloko, joined thousands in Moscow, St. Petersburg and across Russia to commemorate the Russian opposition and liberal leader Boris Nemtsov who was murdered four years ago.

PARNAS party leader Mikhail Kasyanov said: “The memory of Boris Nemtsov is our duty, and we will not stop until his murderers are found and placed in the hands of law. [...] Today is not only a manifestation of remembrance but a political manifestation on respecting the constitution, guaranteeing free elections, releasing political prisoners and putting an end to sending people to fight at borders where they are being killed in incomprehensible wars. We also want social changes.”

“This murder is unconditional evidence of an authoritarian, semi-criminal government in Russia. Our action is against such a government and against such a policy,” said Grigory Yavlinsky, Founder and Chairman of the Federal Political Committee of Yabloko.

Emilia Slabunova, Chair of the party, noted that the day of the march was also a day of political protest: “Today we are saying no to war and political reprisals that became part of daily news.” Click here to read a statement by Yabloko.

In the city of Yaroslavl, where Nemtsov was an elected member of the regional parliament until his death, PARNAS activists installed a memorial plaque for their former party leader Nemtsov on the house where he used to live.

In late June 2017, five Chechen men were found guilty by a jury in a court at Moscow for agreeing to kill Nemtsov but the identity or whereabouts of the person who hired them remains unknown.

Access photo gallery of PARNAS.

Read a special edition of Liberal Eyes on Boris Nemtsov from 2015.

RadioFreeEurope report “Russians Commemorate Slain Kremlin Critic Nemtsov”




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