05 Sep, 2022

British liberals call on the new PM to hold elections and freeze energy bills

The UK Liberal Democrats urge the new Prime Minister to hold a General Election and present legislation to freeze energy bills to help families and pensioners pay their bills and heat their homes this winter.

Responding to the election of Liz Truss as the new leader of the Conservative party, the Liberal Democrats leader Sir Ed Davey said: “Liz Truss stuck by Boris Johnson to the very end. All we can expect is more of the same - taking people for granted, crisis and chaos. Truss should scrap the energy price hike then call a General Election, to bring about the real change the public deserves.

He added that after 13 years of Conservative leadership in which the UK has been plunged from one crisis to another, the Liberal Democrats believe it is time to get rid of an untrustworthy government once and for all and call for a General Election to be held.

The party is calling for urgent action to address the energy price hike, which Sir Ed affirms has the potential to become “a social catastrophe the likes of which we’ve not seen in decades.

Truss has repeatedly refused to give an answer about her plans to solve this issue during her campaign to become the new Tory leader and Prime Minister, promising to come up with a plan after the first week of her mandate. Meanwhile, British liberals will present a bill to Parliament this week that would prohibit Ofgem, Great Britain’s independent energy regulator, from increasing the cap above its current level. Learn more about the proposed bill and join the campaign to support it here.

Meanwhile, Naomi Long, leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, hopes that the new PM takes the chance to make a positive impact in Northern Ireland by reforming the institutions: "If the new Prime Minister implements reform, it will not only end the current impasse but can end ransom politics for good. Failure to do so may not only sink restoration but could jeopardise the future of the Good Friday Agreement," she said.

Photo credit: Liberal Democrats

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