06 Jun, 2024

Call for tender – 5-year service contract for mobile phone services

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is the third largest European political family, bringing together parties with common liberal, democrat and reform ideas from more than 40 European countries. The Brussels-based ALDE Party Secretariat supports the activities of the Party; organises its meetings; manages its external communication; and facilitates European policy development and networking amongst liberal parties.



Purpose of the contract

The ALDE Party staff uses mobile phones to communicate with partners, member parties, international entities, and other organizations or individuals, both within Europe and beyond.

The ALDE Party is offering a five-year service contract for mobile phone plan services (including data) for approximately 26 employees.

Estimated value of the contract (5-year contract): 78.000€ excluding VAT.

Services required

For both cases tenderers must commit to actively collaborate with the current provider and with ALDE Party to minimize the cost and the impact on the service during the migration from the current situation, if applicable. No additional costs for ALDE Party shall result from this migration procedure.

Additionally, at the end of the contract a lead-out and hand-over period is required to seamlessly and transparently hand-over the services to a new service provider without impacting the services or degrading the service levels. This period is an integral part of the service provision. The service provider must commit to handing over any relevant information to a potential future contractor in order to ensure a smooth transition and the business continuity. No additional costs for ALDE Party shall result from this handover procedure.

A description of the domains is given hereafter. It should be noted that the descriptions are indicative, and the definitions are non-exhaustive: 

1. Mobile phone services

Mobile lines and data plans:

- Mobile lines and data plans:

  • provide mobile lines for at least 26 users, including voice and data unlimited plans all across the EU and across preferred (or equivalent) destinations.
  • Ensure flexibility to accommodate changes in the number of users during the contract period.

- Technical Assistance:

  • Offer technical support for mobile devices and services.
  • Provide troubleshooting assistance for hardware and software issues.

- SIM Card Replacement and rental/purchase of phones:

  • Facilitate SIM card replacements in case of loss, damage, or upgrades.
  • Ensure a secure and efficient process for SIM card handling and activation.
  • Provide the possibility of rental and purchase of phones (highly desirable, but not required).

- Internet Coverage:

  • Guarantee reliable and comprehensive internet coverage across Europe.
  • Ensure high-speed data services suitable for business communication needs.

The above list is a comprehensive guide, and specific activities may be further tailored based on the unique requirements of the engagement to be established between ALDE Party and the Supplier.

The tenderer should have the capability to split the monthly invoice between the company and the employees based on the fixed percentages indicated by ALDE Party. 

Exclusion and selection criteria:

1. Exclusion criteria

Participation in this tender procedure is only open to tenderers (all entities involved, including subcontractors and consortium members) that are not in a situation of exclusion as specified in Annex II, which includes:

  • bankruptcy and insolvency situations.
  • non-payment of taxes or social security contributions.
  • grave professional misconduct.
  • fraud, corruption, participation in a criminal organisation etc.
  • serious breach of contract.

2. Selection criteria

  • Have a person of contact for the handling of our administrative requests (e.g removing and adding new users).  
  • Due to the international nature of the organization, only tenderers that can guarantee their customer services to have knowledge of the English language will be considered. 

Award criteria

The contract will be awarded on the basis of the best value for money award criteria, taking into account both quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Qualitative award criteria (30%) Minimum points Maximum points
Demonstrated technical capabilities in providing mobile services and technical support 25 50
Overall proposal completeness and clarity 25 50
Quantitative award criteria (70%) Minimum points Maximum points
Overall economic offer as indicated in Appendix I 50 100

To apply:

Please apply by sending a detailed proposal in French or English, addressing the below elements:

  • Company profile, relevant experience in providing similar services and reference to the two selection criteria mentioned in the tender.
  • Detailed breakdown of service offerings, including technical assistance, and other additional services required for the provision of the services requested in this tender. Please ensure the proposal to be as comprehensive and clear as possible.
  • Pricing structure according to Appendix I, including any additional fees or charges.
  • Appendix II

Tenders must be submitted together with Appendix I and II, filled in and signed, by 28 June 2024 to Gisela Ducaille, Compliance and Procurement Officer at the ALDE party ([email protected]). The deadline for the selection of the tenderer is set by 15 July 2024.


Annex I - Pricing template

Annex II - Selection and Exclusion criteria

Tender specifications

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