02 Aug, 2020

Call for tender: consultancy services on research development and implementation

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is the third largest European political family, bringing together parties with common liberal, democrat and reform ideas from more than 30 European countries. The Brussels-based ALDE Party Secretariat supports the activities of the Party; organizes its meetings; manages its external communication; and facilitates European policy development and networking amongst liberal parties. To support our growing activities, we are now seeking a:


Consultancy services on research development and implementation

In the framework of conducting a professional campaign for the European Parliament elections in 2024 and to provide the European liberal family both with long-term and regular insights on voter sentiments, the emotional socio-political context, voter priorities and motives for political change, ALDE Party runs annual research. This is to support data-informed and message-driven political party work with the aim to build a viable European liberal movement capable of promoting common liberal values, work towards a common vision while engaging in a meaningful manner with European citizens.

To make the most of such research, ALDE seeks the engagement of an experienced firm working on political strategy and advocacy campaigning. A contractor is required to provide the following services to support ALDE Party consolidate and grow as a major political force in Europe.

  • Research: Develop, prepare and advise on questionnaire design, supervise the collaboration with polling agencies conducting public opinion research, both qualitative and quantitative, to develop strategic campaign plans
  • Messaging: Advise on the analytical process including general targeting, message development, and actionable recommendations for the European liberal family
  • Guidance: Advise ALDE staff to develop competencies in the area of research questionnaire development, strategic analysis and train them on a range of required skills to implement this level of research, in-house, in the future, including: Research design; Questionnaire design; Weighting; Data processing; Data analysis; Strategy; Story design; Presentation.
  • Empowerment: Support ALDE Party staff in implementing research-driven campaign plans


Consultant’s profile:

  • More than 10 years of experience in the area of political party consultancy, election campaign strategy development and execution
  • A strong background in the development, execution and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative research
  • A track record of having worked with different political campaigns in both Europe and beyond; notably including liberal political parties
  • The ability to prove work experience in different cultural and political environments


The consultant is requested to submit a profile and track record of political party consultancy by  23 August 2020 to [email protected]

The provider may have the opportunity to engage in multiple research projects with ALDE Party until 2024 in line with the EU Regulation governing European political parties.

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