09 Nov, 2022

Call for Tender - Customer Relationship Management software


Brussels, 9.11.2022


The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is the third largest European political family, bringing together parties with common liberal, democrat and reform ideas from more than 30 European countries. The Brussels-based ALDE Party Secretariat supports the activities of the Party; organizes its meetings; manages its external communication; and facilitates European policy development and networking amongst liberal parties. To support the work of the 2024 Campaign Team, and in particular the work of the Customer Relationship Management (hereafter CRM) Manager, we are seeking a reliable and all-inclusive CRM software package.


General requirements

The CRM solution should comfortably handle between 300-500.000 total records, shared across multiple separated instances (accounts).  Each instance should allow the creation of customized websites, email campaigns and automated emails based on user interaction with the website (registering, signing petitions, subscribing to campaigns, etc), accept online payments.

The CRM solution must allow fast retrieval, sorting, filtering and editing of people records.

The CRM must feature multiple access permissions to the backend, preferably customized by the administrator for each role.

The CRM should comply to the European GDPR legislation.

Contact management

We require the easy and secure management of personal data, which can belong to individuals or organisations.

Each entry should be able to hold at least:

  • Multiple email addresses, multiple physical addresses, payment history.
  • One or more memberships defined by the organisation.
  • Custom fields defined by the organization.
  • A large volume of tags or similarly functioning system used for classifying contacts into groups.

The system should allow for fast and secure data import/export as well as batch updating.

GDPR compliance tools/options such as consent gathering, data download etc.  should be present.

Email campaigns

The software should support sending an unlimited amount of email campaigns to customised audiences.

Multiple email themes and multiple broadcasters/senders must be supported.

An email editor must exist to assist staff in designing emails which correspond to our visual requirements.

Email campaign statistics must be provided based on at least open/click rates


Financial reporting as well as management of website based donations must be present. Refund ability must be present. The restriction of incoming payments based on country of billing to EU only must be possible, either in the backend or the frontend.

Website (optional function)

If possible, the CRM system could allow for the creation of customized websites, with the following features:

  • Fully customizable design
  • Creation of action pages such as: donations, petitions, newsletter subscriptions, event registration.
  • Creation of content pages such as: content pages, blog system, directory of profiles, newsletter archive, event calendars
  • User registration/logging in/members only access.
  • Customisable navigation

For reference, any CRM solution should at least support a level of website development and customization for an easy implementation/porting of our current website: https://www.aldeparty.eu/


If the software that you provide as a company meets the above criteria, please tender through Mircea Serdin, CRM Manager [email protected]. Only offers which include a concrete pricing estimation will be evaluated.


The offers should be received by 30 November 2022 at 12.00 CET

An initial two-year contract will be offered, renewable every year for a total of five years.

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