27 Nov, 2020

Call for tender: Service Level Agreement on NationBuilder Website maintenance & development

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is the third largest European political family, bringing together parties with common liberal, democrat and reform ideas from more than 30 European countries. The Brussels-based ALDE Party Secretariat supports the activities of the Party; organizes its meetings; manages its external communication; and facilitates European policy development and networking amongst liberal parties. To support our growing activities, we are now seeking a service provider for a:


Service Level Agreement (hereafter SLA) on
NationBuilder Website maintenance & development


In August 2020, the ALDE Party Secretariat launched its new website www.aldeparty.eu  developed, and built using the NationBuilder software, to replace an open-source website of 2012. Following the delivery of the new website in December 2020, we are seeking a NationBuilder expert agency for a Service Level Agreement for Maintenance and Development with both technical and strategic support.

Contract duration

The expected duration of the contract is 5 years 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2025, renewable every year. If the provider is not able to meet the requirements as stated in SLA then the customer has the right to terminate the contract or ask for a refund for losses incurred by the customer due to failure of service.


The tenderer must have proven experience of developing and maintaining NationBuilder websites.

Type of service to be provided

The ALDE Party will assign a “Single Point of Contact” to liaise with the contractor. We expect a 3-4 hours response time. Among other tasks the services below are required:

  • Design: custom design of NationBuilder subpages, modify CSS and HTML/CSS coding
  • Ensure the best practices in terms of referencing and SEO are in place and maintained
  • Monitor website performance as per speed and user-friendliness
  • Report broken links and points that require action regularly to the ALDE Party webmaster

The tenderer is requested to submit their company profile and offer by 14 December 2020 at 12.00 CET to [email protected].

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