08 May, 2024

Celebrate Europe Day with ALDE Party!

On Europe Day, marked each year on 9 May, European liberals are proud to celebrate the spirit of integration and cooperation at the core of the European Union.

On 9 May 1950, French foreign minister Robert Schuman delivered the visionary Schuman Declaration, proposing the creation of an institution to pool the coal and steel production of France and Germany – the groundwork of today’s EU.

74 years on, as EU citizens, we safeguard the unity that allowed wartime rivals to become close partners and allies and celebrate the achievements of the EU as a project of peace, now expanding to 27 Member States and counting.

Europe Day is not just a celebration of peace and unity, but also a reaffirmation of the liberal ideals that have been the central guiding light in both the history and the future direction of the ongoing European project.

Through the promotion of free trade, social justice, environmental protection, equal opportunities, individual rights and freedoms and active democratic participation, liberals want to carry the foundations of the European Union into a new mandate starting this June.

On 6-9 June, almost 400 million citizens can vote for their next representatives in the next European Parliament. In our Manifesto, us liberals commit to turning the European Union into a more sustainable, safe, free, competitive and fair place for all.

Here’s how you can help us:

Volunteer with us! We can’t win without you – so if you want to play an active role in the future of the EU, why not be a part of our election campaign? The Renew Europe Now platform is always looking for passionate volunteers to help our member states campaign across Europe. Sign up now and help us shape the future of Europe.

Join our events! On 9 May, ALDE Party members will be out campaigning on the streets as we approach voting day. USR will be launching their election campaign in Timișoara, Romania, while Ciudadanos will hold a Rally for Europe in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, consult our full list of member parties, get in touch with them and check out their upcoming events.

Share our messages on social media! In our dedicated social media toolkit, you will find all types of ready-made social media posts to share on your own feeds. Show your support for our liberal Manifesto and lead candidate Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, and decorate your feed with our visuals.

Run for the European elections with us! Our lead candidates will be running for a European Parliament seat, and you can be their running mate. Wherever you are in Europe, let's try and make the journey to Brussels together! Sign up to our running club on Strava and start running - the first 50 runners will get one of our Run for the European Elections t-shirts. More information here.

Find out 100 more ways to support us! Whether it’s ALDE Party, the Renew Europe Now electoral platform, our youth wing LYMEC, political foundation ELF, women’s empowerment programme the Alliance Of Her or our leaders and representatives across Europe, get involved with the liberal cause and be part of something bigger.

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